It’s our final episode of cycle 2! It’s Sagittarius season! We cap off this cycle in the best way we could possibly think of: a chat with broadcasting legend Laurie Brown. 

Laurie Brown has hosted The New Music, CBC’s The Journal and On the Arts, as well as serving as a seminal Much Music VJ. She notably hosted The Signal on CBC Radio 2, and now produces and hosts Pondercast, a podcast that combines music with deep ruminations about the human spirit and what it means to be alive in today’s world. We talk to her about her work in television, radio, the mission of Pondercast, and what it was like to interview Miles Davis and Whitney Houston. 

Listen to Pondercast here: //

Look out for the new Pondercast book Night that comes out this week!

Follow Laurie’s ponderings on Instagram: @lauriebrownpics

Thank you so much to all of our guests this season: Leah Fay, Adnan Khan, Anthems of the Void, Ronley Teper, Carmen Elle, Danielle Knibbe, Mingjia, Liz Leia, Haviah Mighty, Iskwe, Robin Dann, Felicity Williams and Laurie Brown! We’ve learned so much from you and couldn’t make this show without you!

And thank you so much to all of our listeners! Look out for our upcoming Youtube channel and Patreon page! Like what you hear? Give your grils a rating and review on iTunes! Subscribe!Tell your friends about us! 

LOVE U IN 2020!!!

-The Grils (Tara & Kira)

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